Performance Already Started

Performance during ‘The Thin Line Between Performance Art and Performing Arts’ organised by Lola Diaz Cantoni. Photograph by Nuné Tunjikian. Machinefabriek Groningen April 2018

It was a pleasure to work with Ingrid during the event ‘The Thin Line between Performance Art and Performing Art’. She showed enthusiasm and was very pro-active and committed towards her work. We kept in touch a few weeks before the event and discussed practicalities about her work and the space. Ingrid was the opening act of this event. More than 30 people saw her work and she was open for feedback and discussions with the public afterwards. Despite her being on her second year at Minerva, she already showed professionalism, a lot of commitment towards her work, the audience and me as an organisational member. Thank you Ingrid! Lola